Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 1: Kangaroobie Farm

Dear all, 

  It was a fun packed day with us learning about how the native aboriginal live off the land and how a farmer runs his farm.

  As there is limited 3G coverage, we will only update our adventure from tomorrow when we are back in Melbourne City. 

  Till then, we just want to let the parents and loved ones know that all of us, pupils and teachers, are safe and are enjoying ourselves tremendously here.

Warmest regards,
Team Eunos@Melbourne 2013


  1. Hi all, hope the stay at Kangaroobie farm was fun. I still remember back in 2010, the most enjoyable part was actually to get real up close with the cattles in the wide open field. Of course, you have to be careful on what you step on!

    Hope everyone is feeling fine. Most importantly, do take care of your health and make sure you are properly hydrated. I will be following the blog closely and will look forward to reading all your learning experiences.

    Take care!

    Mr Yap

  2. Thank you Mr Yap.

    We did get to feed the cattles and yes, we did step on many "interesting" things. Stay tuned for the photographs!

    Mr Marcus Cheng