Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 3: Visit to Westgarth Primary School

Good day all,

  We had another enjoyable day today as we visited Westgarth Primary School.

With a student population of 610 students, Westgarth Primary School may only have half the number of students but they inspired Eunos Primary School to starting our Kitchen Science Programme back in 2010. 

  The Assistant Principal and students welcomed us warmly in the morning and we, teachers included, participated in the Kitchen Science Programme where we used the vegetables grown in the school's vegetable garden to make pizza for our lunch!

  We also participated in making a stop-motion movie clip with the Grade 6 pupils from Westgarth Primary School.  

  We made clips on illustrating the various natural disasters. It was truly an educational experience as it was the first time many of us were exposed to stop-motion movie making.


Here are the photographs of our visit today.

We made so many friends and we really hope that they can visit us in Singapore soon!

Warmest regards,
Team Eunos@Melbourne 2013


  1. Hello all!

    Westgarth is really a memorable place. Their kitchen science program is indeed something that inspired our very own Kitchen Science program. What I liked was the fact that you could enjoy your salad together with BBQ food at the garden just outside the Kitchen Science room.

    I'm sure the stop-motion video course is something which would definitely inspire the kids to come up with something creative.

    By the way, the photos are really well taken. Who was the main photographer?

    1. Hey Mr Yap, thank you for all the wonderful comments. All the teachers took turns to take photographs and I just consolidated them.

      Will share on Stop-Motion when we are back.

      Mr Marcus Cheng

  2. Basil, the pizza you guys made looks tons better than 62353535!
    Have loads of fun and learn well.
    BKR family misses you.

    1. Hey Coral,

      Maybe we can make one when I get home.the trip has been really fun except for my slightly cracked lips.:):p

      - Basil

  3. Hi Isa, we hope you're doing well and having an amazing time in Melbourne. Keep yourself warm and safe. Greetings from whole family here in Singapore. Have fun!! :)
    From Mommy, Papa and Adam
    (Ps. Adam is enjoying your laptop and skateboard. He said Thanks brother Isa!!)

  4. Hi mommy,I am fine.I am having a lot of fun.I miss you all and I will bring back some souvenirs for you all.


  5. they are having so much fun with the kitchen science

  6. Dear Burhanuddin Fatema and friends,
    The photos show that you all had a very good time mingling with children and teachers in Melbourne - very good time you had and very enriching experience.

    Please keep together always and keep safe.

    We are missing you a lot, enjoy your trips. Love from daddy mommy Ajab and Mohammed.

    1. Hi mummy and family,

      I am fine and I like all the all the activities on the trip. We went to many different places and I made many new friends.

      I hope to see all of you soon!