Thursday, May 30, 2013

Food glorious food! Part 1

Good morning to all,

  We know that many of the parents and guardians are concerned about the food we are eating here.  The teachers have been ensuring that the food is of good quality and nutritional value as well as being appropriate for the children.

  So here are some photographs from our gastronomic experience!

Lunch at Otway Fly
Check out the size of the serving!

Chicken Chop with Chips!

Our Asian dinner at Melbourne City

Mihir enjoying his dinner.

Full breakfast at Ibis Hotel, Melbourne

Feeling hungry already? 

We will post up more photographs of delicious food as we fill our minds and tummies!

Warmest regards,
Team Eunos@Melbourne 2013


  1. Hi Mihir,
    Hope u r enjoying there and able to adjust with the food. All of you are looking great !!
    Have fun and All the Best .We all r missing u..

    Love Mom,Dad and Nihira

  2. Hi Daddy, Mummy and Nihira,

    I am really enjoying myself in the trip. The food has been great so far and there has not been any problems.

    I look forward to seeing all of you real soon.


  3. Looks like a feast! Yummy!

    Hey Lorenzo and Sng Yi Xian, you're always seated together during meal time, that's good. Even if you're not in the same group you manage to find time together to catch up and exchange views about your wonderful experience in the 'Land Down Under'.

    Enjoy the food, the scenery, the people, and the hotel :)

    Take care always,
    Hershey Regaya

  4. Look like you are all having a riot of fun.
    Teachers, look after yourselves too.
    We have not seen Mr Firouk in action so far, is he OK?

  5. Hi Mrs Choy,

    Mr Firouk is very fine. We will try upload photographs of him at the next day's activities. The children are all fine and we had a sumptuous Muslim-Thai dinner at Chinatown.

    We are all excited for our visit to Queen Victoria Market as well as out Maths Trial in Melbourne with Professor Matt Ross tomorrow. Do look out for our photographs!

    Mr Marcus Cheng on behalf of Team Eunos@Melbourne 2013.

  6. Yi Xian
    Remember to take more photo. Must take with Lorenzo

  7. Time really pass. It have been 4 days. We all miss you. Take care of yourself. Take more picture of the penguin.

  8. Yi Xian
    Take care of the money and camera.Do not leave it at the hotel

  9. Teacher in charge
    Thank you for uploading pictures of daily activity. We really appreciate it. Good job teacher for the hard work. The children having fun in Melbourne, They will remember the trip for life.