Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 4 - Mathematics Trail

Good day mates!

  We got to meet Dr Marty Ross, a Mathematics Professor and 2 educational guides of Federation Square who infected all of us with their passion and enthusiasm for Math! 

We met Sarah who gave us refreshing perspectives of Math and its role in designing the wall behind her. Step by step, she guided us into exploring tessellations and the bigger picture, fractals. She showed us how 1 simple triangle was flipped and rotated and combined to make a deceptively complex pattern. 

Crazy triangles just get crazier!

  We also met Tim who educated us on the history of Federation Square.  

  Interestingly, Federation Square is as old as many of us at 11 years old!    

  Apart from the history of Federation Square, we also learnt about the impact of human settlement and pollution of the environment around Federation Square have on the land and its surroundings. 

 After Federation Square, we met up with Professor Marty Ross who brought us along Melbourne City and we were amazed at how the mathematical concepts we learn in school are being applied to the building of skyscrapers and even city planning.


Professor Ross is the kind gentleman with the silver hair - here seen taking a group photograph with us.   

  We also made our way up to the highest building in Melbourne - the Eureka Sky Deck.  We were treated to a bird's eye view to Melbourne City and we experienced how Mathematics Concepts can be learnt even at a tourist attraction.

88 storeys & about 297 meters in 41.9 seconds.That is fast!

The view from the Sky Deck

I wonder if I can spot the hotel we are staying at?

    We are all tired but eager to learn more tomorrow!  We are going to Philip Island, so stay tuned to this blog!

Team Eunos@Melbourne 2013


  1. Yo Junxing :D

    I still remember Philips Island. It's shaped like a dolphin (if I'm not wrong) :P the penguins there are super cute :P Remember to take photos hor and show me and QQ :P

    -Yiting and QQ

    1. Yo sis! No problem. I will remember to buy you and QQ souvenirs from Philip Island. Tell mum my motion sickness headache is gone and I will take care of myself. Bye!

      - Love Junxing =p

  2. Hi,

    It's great to be kept posted on your trip through this blog :)

    We can see that the children are having a great time learning and making connections between knowledge learnt in the classroom and our world.

    Do take care and continue to capture those lovely memories and share them with us when you return :)

    Ms Tammy Teo