Sunday, June 2, 2013

Day 5 - Nobbies Centre, Koala Conservation Centre and a delightfulsurprise!

What a long yet enriching day it has been!

On the go since 6am and only getting a rest at 9pm, our pupils have been such troopers and as one education ranger put it, "such good listeners, question askers and answerers!"

Here's what we did today exploring the natural wonders of Phillip Island...

We visited the Nobbies first (little islands of rock) to learn more about the fur seals and sea birds that lived there. 

The boardwalk along the beach gave us a marvelous view of the sea, smashing against the rocks in all its temperamental beauty.

Then the rangers taught us some penguin research techniques! They work extremely hard to gather data every day so that the Little Penguins, or Fairy Penguins as they are sometimes called, are preserved for generations to enjoy. We were all humbled by their dedication 

We were also delighted to have learnt and applied the mathematical concepts of measurement and arithmetic in the research work.  We never knew that what we learnt in school can be applied to such scientific work.

After an energizing and delicious lunch, we went treasure hunting along the beach! Look at what we found! The rangers had us share our treasures and explained how they came about before we put them back. Leave only footprints and take only memories!

Then it was time for the highlight of the day: the Little Penguin Parade! We were waiting for the little ones to return to their burrows inland from a day of fishing. A boardwalk let us get up close to the penguins as they waddled their way back to their burrows. The pupils showed a lot of discipline and respect to the penguins by keeping their voices to a whisper even though they were quite astounded by the endearing procession of waddling birds. Well done, Eunos!

A good hearty meal warmed our bellies and we then headed to our last activity of the night: observing koalas at the Koala Conservation Center!

Rangers Rebecca and Graeme were patient and informative as they picked out nocturnal critters going about their business in the trees above us. Due to the darkness of a night uninterrupted by city lights, it was difficult to take photos but we tried anyway! After all, how often can you get close to freely roaming koalas, possums and wallabies?!

(Please pardon the grainy photographs. Flash photography was not allowed, there was limited light source and limited photography skills of Mr Marcus Cheng :P)

With all the excitement of seeing wild penguins and koalas, our pupils ended the day exhausted but content at having the experience of a lifetime.

We also celebrated Sharifah's birthday! We must really thank the very thoughtful tour managers of Mr Desmond and Mr Kang for arranging for the surprise, cake and the card from the Hotel.  

Till tomorrow, with more wildlife adventures at the Dandenong Ranges!

Team Eunos@Melbourne 2013


  1. Luck lily there is sun during the tour to Philip island. So poor thing only one penguin can be seen. Now Kola is being protected. Can see only at night

    1. Good morning ma ma,

      Hope you enjoyed your trip to USS. What rides did Yi Wei take?

      We actually saw many penguins but we were not allowed to take photographs of them as the flash would scare the penguins.

      I love you ma ma.

      Yi Xian

  2. Salam Hilman, alhamdullilah you are well. Have fun and we all love you! Ibu, Ayah & Abang Hakim.

  3. Dear ibu,ayah and abang,

    Thank you! I miss you all! I am fine and I am enjoying myself very much.


  4. yes enjoy very much in USS.Yi Wei played transformer ,space ,dragon and 4d for Shrek.he also played the merryy go round

  5. Hi Melissa
    Pls return call to mummy....
    miss u from Jas

    1. Hi mommy,
      My phone's battery was flat and the charger was spoiled so I dun get to charge it. I'll just use Mr Cheng's phone. Miss you!


    2. My dear, I bought a small gift for you even though Regine said it was childish. Happy to see the photos showing that u really enjoying yourself.
      Miss u very very much.
      Luv from papa, jie jie, kor kor and mummy.

  6. dear mr cheng. this is afiq.

    just to remind derence to buy souvenirs for all of us.



    And I Hope You Guys Are Safe

    1. Thank you Afiq. Yes, Mr Cheng has bought gifts for all in P5/2. Have a good break and see you in July!

      Mr Marcus Cheng

  7. Hi Lorenzo,

    On your day to Queen Victoria Market try to look for apricots (fresh/dried). If none, it's also ok.

    Miss you sooo much!

    Mama, Papa and Sofia

    1. Hello Mama,

      We had already gone to Queen Victoria Market but, we are also going to other markets in Melbourne. So I can still look for the apricots.

      Miss you too!


  8. Hi Nurul Amanina,

    Mama, Ayah, Nurin and Aman miss you so much. Take good care of yourself. Enjoy and learn as much as you can.

    Nenek and Didah send their regards too.

    Hugs and kisses sweetheart ♥.


    1. I love you too ma ma. I miss you guys so much.

      I am doing well and I am enjoying myself.


  9. Hi everyone,
    We can see that you are still very energetic and enjoying every bit of the programmes organised. It is really very enriching and I wish i am there to join you in the fun too. Lorenzo, can you remember what you sang in the misical - it's a whole new world.....? I hope this experience does open up a whole new world for each and everyone of you, including the teachers.

    So how are the teachers? Keeping up with the little ones? Thank you Sook Peng, Marcus, Firouk, Zarina and Sarah Jean for taking on this HUGE responsibility, looking after 30 of them is really not easy.Hence, do remember to take care of yourselves too.

    The photos are really lovely. Is it also possible to let us have a glimpse of how the accomodation looks like. Is it comfortable? We are curious.

    Finally, do let us know when you are boarding the plane home.

    Looking forward to hearing more of your stories. Cheers.

    1. Hello Mrs Choy,

      On behalf of Lorenzo, thank you for this opportunity. Lorenzo will surely remember this experience for as long as he lives and he can probably sing the song "A whole new world" with so much feelings and depth this time.

      The entire school, especially the teachers who are with the children, have done a great job. I salute you and your teachers for taking a bold step in making learning a very meaningful journey to these kids.

      The seed has been planted--thank you for this, and we fervently hope this experience will bear fruit in our kids in more ways than one. :)

      Kudos to Eunos PS!

      Mrs Hershey Regaya

  10. Happy 10th Birthday Sharifah Batrisya Iman. I'm sure you're very happy over the surprise birthday celebration...

    Can't wait to hearing your stories and experiences in Melbourne.

    Mama Herni ♥_♥

    1. Hi ma'am,

      Mr Marcus Cheng here. Do check out the photographs from the 2nd surprise for Batrisya today. I will get her to reply to your post tomorrow morning.

      Warmest Regards,
      Mr Marcus Cheng

    2. Hi ma ma,

      Thanks for the comment. I am fine and I am enjoying myself very much. See you soon! Bye bye!