Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 6 - Healesville Sanctuary, Puffing Billy and Cockatoo and Rosellafeeding

Good day mates!

  After the packed program of yesterday, our conscientious tour managers Mr Kang and Mr Desmond had the foresight to plan a restful, relaxing day. Our pupils spent the day getting to know some of Australia's unique creatures. 

  First, after a full breakfast buffet and an hour's bus ride, we hit the Healesville Sanctuary, a wildlife conservation and education center. There, the pupils had 2 hours of self-exploration, where they encountered enchanting animals like free-ranging wallabies, lyrebirds and blue-tongued skinks, offerings of Australia's unique evolutionary lines as an island continent. 

This was followed by an hour's guided experience of petting and feeding a throated frogmouth, a ring-tailed possum and a diamond python! What wondrous creatures! Unable to see such critters in our corner of the world, the children were understandably excited yet were extremely respectful towards the animals. The team is so proud of them!

We then watched a bird show called Spirits of the Skies, which taught the children about the special adaptations some birds had developed for survival yet how, without a conscious effort toward conservation, they still would not be able to survive for long. The message was brought home to the children as they ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the birds' display of natural flair and talent.

After a quick, nutritious lunch, we headed to ride a remnant of the past: Puffing Billy! A steam engine from the early 1900s, it was lovingly restored by volunteers of the Puffing Billy Preservation Society and is one of the best preserved steam railways today. 

Interestingly, the children were reminded of their time spent in CERES, exploring energy sources (specifically burning coal), when they saw the plumes of white smoke rolling from Billy's smokestack. Very astute, kids!

The most fun-filled part of the day was yet to come as we all had the opportunity to hand feed Sulphur-crested Cockatoos and Rosellas! The children, though apprehensive at first, quickly warmed to the inquisitive birds and let them get real close and personal!

  After the birds had their dinner, it was time for ours! A sumptuous Thai spread at Sawadee Thai Restaurant began with a lovely celebration for our birthday girl, Sharifah Batrisya! 

Many many thanks to tour managers Mr Kang and Mr Desmond for organizing and liaising with the restaurant to get her a mouth-watering fruit cake! She was also presented with a gift, card and picture signed by all her friends and teachers to round off her special Aussie birthday. Hope you had an awesome day, Batrisya! :)

It's back to school tomorrow as we visit Cowes Primary School and extend an international hand of friendship to their students and staff!

Till then, cheers mates!
Team Eunos@Melbourne 2013


  1. Basil, I hope your cracked lip is better. ;)
    Glad that you're having a great time! :)
    Please eat and drink a lot as, there in Melbourne the food is absolutely wonderful! :)
    Its a totally different lifestyle there in Melbourne and the activities planned for you are very fun and interesting. :)
    I had a lot of fun when I went to Melbourne in Primary 4 and I'm sure you'll have as much fun as me!:P
    Enjoy yourself!!;)

    - Coral ;)

    1. Thanks. I am having a great time here:3 we are goin to a school now cya :):):);););):)


  2. I'm very happy for Sharifah Batrisya Iman. I'm pretty sure she'll always remember her 10th birthday. Thank you organisers, teachers & her dear Eunosians for making her wish come true.

    Mama Herni
    (Sharifah Batrisya Iman's mom)

    1. You are most welcome ma'am. She is a good girl and has been a good friend to others too.

      Teachers at Melbourne

  3. Hi Xavier,

    This is mum, I got to use your account to send this message to you because I cannot log in using my email.
    Anyway, just want to tell you we all miss you a lot and I have been showing Ah gong and Ah ma your photos on this blog.
    Enjoy yourself, rest well and drink plenty of water.


    1. Hello Mummy,

      I miss you a lot and I am enjoying myself in Melbourne. See you soon because we will be flying back to Singapore tomorrow.


  4. Hi Yi Xian
    You are so brave bot let the bird cling on to your hand. These are the second last night in Melbourne.Po Po also miss you. Remember to take more picture for me to see. You are so lucky to be in Marcus group as you like him very much.Take care
    Love Ma Ma and brother

  5. Yi xian
    Everyday i cone from work.i opened the blog and let your father see the photo.i also upload.
    photo for po po and yi wei to see
    your dad and mum

  6. Hello Eloise!

    It's good to see you having fun! I miss you sooooo much!

    I love you! Muack!!!!

    Mummy xx


    1. Hi mummy! Today we are going to cowes primary school and I am coming back tomorrow! Miss you loads too! =]

      Love Eloise~

  7. The pictures with birds on children's heads and arms are so cute! Nice shots, really captured moments...(.) My daughter, Sofia (P1/3) has commented though that Mr Firouk looked so serious. On the contrary, I think Mr Firouk was also cute and funny in a subtle way in those shots. Hi Mr Firouk :)(from Sofia)

    Happy Birthday Batrisya! That's some birthday you will remember for a lifetime :)

    Yah, you're all finally coming home tomorrow. And we're so excited to kiss you and hug you when you arrive,Lorenzo. Awww, Sofia's happy nights of sleeping at the upper deck of the double deck will be finally over once you return.

    Drink lots of water.

    Take care,
    Mama, Papa and Sofia

  8. Dear Unais
    You look tired. We tried calling you at the hotel but they do not know your room number.
    We look fwd to seeing you at the airport tomorrow, insya Allah.
    Have a safe journey home to all children and teachers of Eunos Pri.

    Ayah & Ibu

  9. Hello Eloise!

    I hope you had a fun visit to the school today! I can't wait to see you! Have a safe flight home! I love you loads!

    Mummy xx

  10. happy birthday batrisya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i am shi jing

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