Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 6 - Visit to Cowes Primary School

Good day mates,

It is Day 6 and today, we visited Cowes Primary School.  The school is 130 years old and it is located in the town of Cowes on Phillip Island, 140km from Melbourne City.

When we reached the school, we were greeted by Mr Rodney McKenzie, the Assistant Principal of the school.  We then joined the Grade 4 pupils from the school in their Mathematics lessons.  

It was really an learning experience as we participated in the lessons.  For Mathematics, we learned probability and graph plotting using Smarties chocolate candies.

After the lesson, it was time to play! We joined the pupils in their recess and we showed them how to play our local game of chaptek!

After our play time, we proceeded to the school's vegetable garden to learn how the pupils learn to upkeep a vegetable patch and how they use recycled materials to maintain the garden.  We got our hands-on experience too and it was fun!

After cleaning our hands, we proceeded to the their indoor hall where we performed our dance item to the pupils and staff of the school.  Lorenzo (P4/1) also took stage to wow the audience with his rendition of "The Rainbow" while Melissa Mak and Basil Koh (P5/1) performed their wushu skills that had the audience clapping for more.

Basil and Eloise introducing Eunos Primary School to the audience

Mrs Huan then presented a token of appreciation to Mr Rodney McKenzie, the Assistant Principal

Mrs Huan with Mrs Sue Becker, Principal of Cowes Primary School

The teachers from Eunos Primary School with 
the Principal and Assistant Principal of Cowes Primary School

Thank you Cowes Primary School for your warm hospitality and friendship.

We will be going to the ReThink Centre and Melbourne Aquarium tomorrow. After which, we will be heading to the airport to catch our flight home.  Looking forward to see all our loved ones!

Warmest regards,
Team Eunos@Melbourne 2013


  1. Yo Junxing

    Lolol you got take enough pictures or not? :P btw what time will you reach SG?


  2. All the photos are so awesome!
    Welcome back to Singapore soon, teachers and pupils :)

    1. Hi Mr Goh,

      It has been an exciting learning journey for both the pupils and the teachers. The pupils are having mixed emotions now. On one hand, they want to be back in Singapore with their loved ones but on the other, they want to continue learning in Melbourne.

      See you back in sunny and warm Singapore soon!

      Mr Marcus Cheng

  3. Hi Nurul Amanina, how was the gardening experience? Hope to see you home soon.

    Luv u sweetheart!

  4. Hi Every pupils and teacher
    Finally is the last night in Melbourne. Enjoyed your last night in Melbourne. Tomorrow coming back to Singapore.
    We will be waiting at Eunos primary school at 1 am.See all of you tomorrow morning. Take care and bye bye

    1. Thank you Yi Xian mummy!

      Mr Marcus Cheng

  5. enjoy your last day at melbourne!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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