Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 7 - Rethink Education Centre, Melbourne Aquarium and Home!!

Good day mates!

It's our last day here in Melbourne and coincidentally it's World Conservation Day here in Australia! That is something we have been learning on this trip isn't it?

After our sumptuous breakfast, we set off to visit Rethink Education Centre where we learnt about how the people in Melbourne actively participates in the reduce, reuse and recycle efforts. 

We also learnt and witnessed how the various trash materials were being separated, sorted and reprocessed.

The wonderful hosts even had us play games, dance and sing songs to reinforce our learning. It was truly learning through fun!!

We then made our way to lunch and we really enjoyed our meal at our favourite Thai-Muslim Restaurant, Sawasdee!

After our sumptuous meal, we made our way to the world famous Melbourne Aquarium! There, we learnt about the challenges that the marine life in Australia is facing with global warming and pollution.

We witnessed the aquarium's success in the breeding of Emperor Penguins as well as the diversity of marine life living around the many coastal areas of the island state and continent of Australia.

A real-life replica of the largest Great White Shark 
caught off the shores of Queensland, Australia

A panaroma look at the underwater aquarium

We then made our way to the airport. As we drew close to the end of the learning journey, the children had mixed emotions as on one hand, they miss their loved ones but on the other, they want to learn more in Melbourne. 

Here are some photographs of us waiting in the aeroplane!

It has been an adventure for the last week. The cool weather, living away from family, food choices as well as having to wake up really early for some days were some of the many challenges that the pupils faced. 

However, they all rose to the occasion and managed themselves very well. There were times when they had to be reminded that they were ambassadors for the school but on the whole, they had displayed exemplary behaviour - which were mentioned by several of the teachers from the school we visited, the guides that brought us around at the various places of interests and even passer-bys as well as passengers on both flights.

The teachers in the team are very proud of the pupils as they had lived out the values of care, unity, respect, resilience, integrity and excellence throughout the trip.

Well done Team Eunos!!

Team Eunos@Melbourne 2013

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    It is really an eye opening for the student and teacher. Well done everyone